Editorial Policy

Our Editorial Policy

Business In Tampa exists to shine a light on the businesses and people of the Tampa Bay region. We will always hold ourselves to high standards and build a platform that supports kindness, collaboration, respect and empathy. We wanted to create this page to be fully transparent about our objectives, business affiliations, and content.

Objective of this Website

  • Shine a light on the great things happening in Tampa’s business community
  • Highlight individuals in Tampa’s business community who are making an impact
  • Highlight people who are elevating their careers right here in Tampa
  • Build a social media and digital audience that is interested in Tampa business
  • Create awareness for Brick Media and any other entity affiliated with Brick Media Group LLC, including our clients, partners, and advertisers

Advertising and Partnerships

  • Any content that states “Advertisement” is either an advertiser who is supporting Business In Tampa directly, or is a partner / client of Brick Media Group LLC (Brick Media)
  • We will always clearly disclose when something is an advertisement, sponsorship, or a paid piece of content (both on our website and on social media posts)
  • Advertisements do NOT reflect the views of Brick Media Group LLC, Business In Tampa, or any of the members of our team
  • In no case does the advertising side of our business interfere with the integrity of our content
  • Some content may contain affiliate links, and in those situations we may receive commissions through those links

Corrections and Updates

  • We make every effort possible for content to be 100% accurate upon publication
  • We will be transparent and update a story if new information either adds or invalidates the original story
  • We may leave all content live on the website, with notes/corrections whenever needed
  • There may be instances, for legal reasons or extenuating circumstances, where we remove posts from our website or social media channels

Content Sourcing and Accuracy

  • Business In Tampa obtains news and content from a variety of sources
  • Some sources would rather not be named, and we allow anonymity when we know these sources are reliable
  • We try our best to get information directly from the person or business being reported
  • At times, the content may come from another publication, social media post, or other related announcement that is previously published online
  • If we use information, including facts, direct quotes, etc. gathered by other media sources, we will attribute them as a source
  • Blatant plagiarism is unacceptable on our team and may result in termination of that team member
  • Our goal is not to please the individuals or businesses we report on, but to present the truth as fully as we know it
  • Some content is submitted by businesses and people themselves, then posted by our team. It is expected that we verify and double check our submissions before they go live.

Conflicts of Interest and Gifts

  • As a general rule of thumb, we follow the guideline set by the Society of Professional Journalists: “Refuse gifts, favors, fees, free travel and special treatment…that may compromise integrity or impartiality or may damage credibility.”
  • No team members, including staff, contractors, or interns – should accept employment, compensation or gifts from any individual or business that falls within their section or area of coverage.

This editorial policy may evolve over time. If you have any questions, please send them to both hello@businessintampa.com and jake@brickmediagroup.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.