Dan D’Aquisto: How to Create a ‘Heavy Duty’ Industry Shake-up

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There’s a good chance you either have clothes sitting in the washing machine waiting to be switched over to the dryer or clothes in the dryer waiting to be folded. 

If you do, you’re not alone. Laundry’s a chore that never ends.

When you’re done with one load, it’s time to start another. 

In fact, Procter & Gamble Co. reports the average American family washes 300-390 loads of laundry a year. 

And, it’s often a thankless job. That is until Dan D’Aquisto and his business partner, Alex Smerczniak, did something to change that. 

Their solution is 2Ulaundry, an innovative laundry subscription service that has people in nine states saying thank you every time their freshly-laundered and dry-cleaned items are delivered to their doorstep.

2ULaundry created a new way to do laundry and dry cleaning by providing a convenient pick-up and drop-off service.

All you have to do is set up your free account, schedule a pick-up time for your items, and enjoy the time you’d spend on laundry doing something you actually want to do. 

We recently had the opportunity to interview D’Aquisto to learn more about the business and his entrepreneurial journey so far. 

Enjoy our Q&A!

How did you come up with the idea for 2ULaundry? Was there a “lightbulb moment” of sorts?

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Alex Smereczniak, started and scaled a laundry delivery company in college at Wake Forest University in 2011. After graduating and selling the business, he knew there was something bigger to solve. He moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and while working as a Consultant for Ernst & Young, he couldn’t get the laundry industry out of his mind. 

Laundry is something every single person has to do and it’s incredibly time-consuming.

In 2015, we saw all sorts of companies building convenience-oriented services to make chores more manageable but laundry was overlooked. 

That’s when he knew he had to give it a shot and bring a solution to the masses.

He immediately called me and the rest is history!

2ULaundry is currently in nine states, Tampa being one of them. What made you want to bring your company to the Tampa Bay area? 

Tampa is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country and was always on our radar. We also have a strong network in Tampa. Our lead investor, Florida Funders, who co-led our Series A back in 2019 is based out of Tampa and is the first franchise store owner of our sister company LaundroLab, which opened up in Tampa earlier this summer.

It was a no-brainer for us to make a move to launch 2U in Tampa and we’re excited about the market’s future.

What’s your long-term vision/goal(s) for 2ULaundry? 

We want 2ULaundry to be a household name across the country, giving millions of people time back to do things that matter more.

Our purpose is to make laundry happy and we’re doing that with the best solutions possible for such a mundane and recurring chore that everyone has to do.

Our mission specifically is to be the nation’s best laundry company for our customers, franchise partners, and employees.

We’re well on our way!

Did you always know you’d be an entrepreneur and run your own business one day? 

Alex and I get asked this a lot. Thinking back as kids, our answer to the cliche question of “what do you want to be when you grow up?” was not “entrepreneur.” 

But, what we believe to be major drivers of deciding that path today were our dads.

Both of them were entrepreneurs running their own small businesses in the town we grew up in. Alex and I started our first business together in high school, selling t-shirts to our peers. We didn’t think that one day we’d be building something like 2U together but what a blast it’s been!

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