DiamondShield Epoxy Floors is Taking the Industry By Storm

Did you know the chemical reaction that occurs when epoxy cures creates a surface that’s harder than concrete, tile, and many other types of flooring?

But, the application of epoxy floors can either make or break the longevity and quality.

Joe Bevilacqua the owner and certified coatings specialist at DiamondShield Epoxy Floors prides himself on providing his customers with floors that will last a lifetime. 

DiamondShield Epoxy Floors serves the Tampa and St. Petersburg areas and in this Q&A we learn more about Joe’s business, his inspiration, and more. 


What inspired you to start DiamondShield Epoxy Floors?

DiamondShield Epoxy Floors was founded partly due to my dissatisfaction with the industry. 

I noticed numerous epoxy floor firms either didn’t complete the project efficiently, continuously performed poorly or disregarded the needs and wants of their customers.

I saw an opportunity to change the industry’s reputation by emphasizing quality and customer service; while simultaneously giving back to the community. 

DiamondShield Epoxy originated in New Hampshire a few years back while I was still attending college; however, my business took off and we recently relocated to Tampa Bay in order to serve this close-knit community. 

I’m not just here to transform the industry, but also how we treat individuals on a daily basis.

I was raised in a household of integrity, hard work, loyalty, and perseverance which I employ in every job I perform.

Did you always know one day you’d own a business?

Business runs in my blood as my father, uncles, and brother operate or have operated small family-run businesses. Ever since I was a kid, I recall being surrounded by frantic business talk, ambitious moves, and a community service initiative. I listened in on business calls and conversations while visiting job sites and took mental notes. I was always naturally curious and asked numerous questions until I desired to participate in the service.

I launched my first business when I was 14 years old, and I have loved the journey and interactions I have shared among strangers, clients, and business partners on a daily basis.

Having a head start and being surrounded by successful, resilient, and respected businessmen gave me an advantage and contributed significantly to who I am and how I conduct business today.

What are the benefits of an epoxy floor?

We transform dull and dreary flooring into lively and beautiful pieces.

You no longer have to scrub and pressure wash your flooring. Epoxy floors are easy to clean and add a small amount of traction to prevent slips and falls. Not only do they appear prestigious, but they’re also three times stronger than concrete floors and completely resistant to chemicals.

DiamondShield comes from the fact that epoxy flooring can withstand enormous amounts of weight and shield the concrete below with a protective coating.

My clients no longer suffer from chips, stains, peeling or fading in their homes or business.

Epoxy flooring is renowned for its adaptability, as it can incorporate a variety of styles. For instance, our metallic flooring system looks identical to marble floors but is installed at a fraction of the cost.

How is DiamondShield Epoxy Floors different from other epoxy floor installers in Tampa?

Epoxy floors not only transform your floors but with our system, they’re built to last a lifetime! No risk of peeling, cracking, fading, or reapplications. We’re so confident in our system that we offer a lifetime warranty with our services.

  • Free estimates ALWAYS
  • One-day installation goal
  • Guaranteed 100% Satisfaction – every time
  • Quality Product- Too many companies use cheap epoxy that tends to flake and peel. We only use top-of-the-line epoxy with 100% solids to ensure a lifelong coating.
  • Our experienced team is meticulous in their process to ensure the best quality floor possible
  • We offer a Floor Visualizer so customers can see their floor’s final outcome before they decide on a color or style
  • We offer a wide variety of colors and styles

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned as a business owner?

Richard Branson said it best when he stated “a business is simply an idea to make other people’s lives better.” If you focus on making your customer’s life better and delivering above and beyond to do so, the business is bound for success and it’s an even trade-off of value.

There are some business owners who are in it just for the money, but it’s the value and journey that brings me excitement and joy in this industry.

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