Dr. Connor Oliveri: The Entrepreneurial Spirit & Purpose-Driven Success

Dr. Connor Oliveri - Owner and Chiropractor - Elevate Health.

Dr. Connor Oliveri is the owner of Elevate Health. As a chiropractic physician, Dr. Connor reinforces his advocacy of engaging in a healthy lifestyle in a field that’s focused on preventing disease. 

With the intent to make everyone feel like they’re family at Elevate Health, Dr. Connor’s goal of creating something that lasts beyond himself made him the perfect person for an Insight interview.


Did you always know that one day you’d start your own business?

I did. I have a creative mind when it comes to business and I knew that if I had someone limiting me I would never be able to bring my ideas to fruition. I also came from a family where my father was an entrepreneur. The idea of making a set income and being told what to do or only being able to do one thing irritated me! I want to create, build, and grow a company as a whole and myself as an individual.  

What inspired you to create Elevate Health?

True health is multifaceted with both mental and physical components. I was seeing about 120 patients a week as a practicing chiropractor working my tail off. It was nice being able to help people but I knew that if I continued to stay where I was the maximum impact I could make would be in the lives of the patients I saw. The idea of having an all-inclusive health and wellness facility got me excited so I pulled the trigger, rebranded, and created Elevate Health. It was time to build something that could grow beyond myself.                    

How would you describe Elevate Health to someone who’s unfamiliar?

Elevate Health is not only a health and wellness facility, but we are a community. We want to be the place people go to on a weekly basis for self-care and recovery while also building lifelong friendships with other members of our community. 

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far as a business owner?

Success does not happen overnight. The relentless pursuit of trying to make a difference with what you can provide to others will ultimately lead to success. Don’t let success be your purpose. Let doing what you feel is your purpose lead you to success. 

What do you love most about owning a business in Tampa?

This city is growing at a significant rate with endless opportunities.

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