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Jane Floyd is a top-producing branch manager at NFM Lending. This award-winning, multi-state residential mortgage lender is licensed in 48 states and assists consumers in obtaining residential loans that meet their needs. 

With over 30 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Jane’s consistently been recognized for her high level of production, earning the top 1% of mortgage originators in America as well as six national rankings on the Scotsman Guide’s Top Originators lists including 2020 and 2021. 

In her spare time, Jane adores running or biking along Bayshore Blvd., reading, creating floral arrangements, or fishing with her family and friends.

She’s been married to her husband Hank for 40 years and has two sons, Kellen and Dillon.

Enjoy our Q&A with Jane!

You’ve been in the mortgage industry for over 30 years. What initially drew you to this space?

At the beginning of my career, I worked in public relations for a local title company here in Tampa. 

I was very blessed at the time to have a friend and business associate who owned his own mortgage company. He asked if I had ever thought about entering the lending industry. 

At the time, I was looking for a change in my career path, so it happened to be perfect timing.

I quickly fell in love with helping people achieve their dream of homeownership and two years later I opened my own company.

The rest is history.

I’ve been in the mortgage industry for over 30 years and have helped over 14,000 families in the Tampa Bay area navigate the home loan process.

I believe that sometimes it takes someone believing and seeing the potential in you, that you may not see in yourself at the time, to give you that added faith to take a leap into the unknown. 

And for that, I’m forever grateful.

What’s your best piece of advice for anyone who’s looking to acquire a loan in today’s market? Are there nuances they should be aware of?

I would recommend partnering with a highly reputable real estate agent and getting preapproved up front by a local lender. 

These relationships are crucial with our current low inventory and high-demand market. In many cases, it’s essential in getting your home offer accepted.

If you don’t personally know a real estate agent, I am happy to refer you to one of the top agents in our area!

Homeownership is still one of the best paths to financial wealth and independence. 

While rates are up over recent times, they are still excellent historically and the cost of renting is money you never get back. 

Always be aware of your overall budget, and don’t stretch yourself too far to where it puts undue financial strain on yourself or your family.

How long have you been a member of the CEO Council of Tampa Bay? What do you love most about being part of this organization?

I was invited to join the CEO Council of Tampa Bay earlier this year, so I am fairly new to the organization.

What I love most is surrounding myself with other top industry leaders to build and deepen lasting relationships.

I’ve made it a priority to foster my working relationships and always try to aid and support in the best way that I can as well as broaden my own leadership support when I run into roadblocks.

It’s also important for me to intentionally seek opportunities for influence.

As “opportunity for influence” is one of their core values at the CEO Council and I am guided by the principle that “people equal profits,” it was a natural fit.

The more you pour into your people and those around you, the more profitable you become.

My main goal within my company has always been to help each individual employee grow and succeed, both personally and professionally.

Now, I’m at a point where I want to also extend that impact into our Tampa Bay community as a whole.

You’ve done some amazing work with local charity organizations including raising over $500,000 for pediatric cancer. What motivates you to give back to the community?

I truly believe that my God-given purpose is to impact and improve the lives of others around me. 

When I am meeting new people or attending a luncheon for a local charity, I am always looking for the next organization or opportunity that will tug at my heart and lead me to get involved.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

The best piece of advice I have ever received is, “Do I want to be right? Or do I want to be happy?”

More words I live by are, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” 

This quote by Zig Ziglar is definitely at the top for me. 

Learning to be a servant leader, not thinking about myself. That’s what I strive to live my life by.

What do you love most about Tampa?

Absolutely everything. I moved to Tampa when I was ten years old. It is where I raised my kids, built my business, and dug in my roots to deepen my relationships both personally and professionally.

As much as I love to travel, Tampa is home. We live on Bayshore so I am constantly walking and taking a moment to cherish each sunrise and sunset when I can.

It has also been exciting to watch and be a part of Tampa’s growth over the past decades.

Our diverse city is constantly evolving and has so much to offer. Great sports teams, support for small businesses, not to mention all the local restaurants that have opened.

Being a foodie may be one of my favorite parts.

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