Jason Levy: Getting Employees Engaged with Marketing

One of the best marketing resources for small businesses to market their brand is so close to them, it’s easily overlooked. 

What are we talking about?

A company’s employees. 

Yes, the people that work for your company can be your biggest advocates – an extension of your sales and marketing teams. 

Jason Levy, the President of Professional Insurance Services in Tampa understands how valuable and powerful it is to get employees involved in not only marketing themselves but the business as a whole. 

He’s seen great success by taking an incentivized approach and that’s why we wanted him to share some advice other companies can use to spur on employee involvement with a firm’s marketing strategy.

Check it out!

“Our office loves to take a team approach with our marketing and branding initiatives. We do everything from weekly breakfast awards to giving gift cards to employees who take a proactive approach to our firm’s marketing efforts. 

Our newest idea is setting up a raffle for our team to earn tickets for great prizes (including large electronics) based on who can earn the most reviews and participate in the most social media activity related to our insurance company for the month. 

It is fun to have everyone involved and be excited about awareness of the brand we have created. It allows us to have a true team approach.”

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