Jeff Gigante: Creating Brand Value and Staying Innovative

When you take a look at Jeff Gigante’s LinkedIn profile, it’s easy to see this man is busy. Here’s a snapshot of his current companies to give you an idea: 

The busy theme carries into his “About” section as he shares a quote from Shawshank Redemption “Guess it comes down to a simple thing, really. Get busy living or Get busy dying.”

As Jeff continues to expand his footprint in Tampa with a diverse business portfolio and superior execution, we wanted to pick his brain to learn how other brands can set themselves apart in crowded industries.

Take a look. 

“In business, you have to constantly innovate. You have to tell your story better than your competitors. Pick 1 – 2 of the aspects of your company that you do better than your competitors and constantly tell that story. Get customer testimonials and highlight them. Your brand’s voice needs to be louder now more than ever before. Give value where your competitors don’t. Free consultation, first service free, etc. Find ways to build relationship value freely when your competitors won’t do that.”

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