Jenna Schwartz: Using NFTs to Build Community and Give Back

Tampa Bay, you all know we love highlighting impressive local people who are doing big things in the community. Today we’d like you to meet Jenna Schwartz!

Jenna, at her core, is a master connector, with a major focus on authenticity. Her ability to connect like-minded individuals has created countless deals, partnerships and deep relationships. She’s built an incredible network, which includes her very own “Boss Talks” which focus on mentorship and empowerment – where she leads  events to advance the people involved.

In addition, she is a huge proponent of giving back, leading her to co-found Work for Peace, a charity that aims to increase awareness of Domestic Violence, and to aid those impacted by it.

Outside of her personal endeavors, Jenna is a force in the business world.

She is a founding member of the Provenance Consulting Group, a Web 3 specialized firm. Furthering her connection to the digital world, she also holds the title Chief of Growth for the fast-growing NFT Project, Pineapples in Paradise.

Jenna’s background prior to transitioning into Web 3 includes a decade of Health Information & Technology experience, with an emphasis on M&A, sales and marketing. With a passion for bringing value and positively impacting those around her, Jenna captivates & encourages her audience to take action.


Now, let’s get into a quick Q&A about this NFT project…


What was the inspiration behind Pineapples in Paradise?

Alex Korpita, Josh Hibbert, and Kevin Hauter are the founders of JAK Enterprises. The team began investing in vacation rental properties with a lust for entrepreneurship. With friends and family asking to get involved with their subsequent purchases the team deliberated until finding a way to make this happen.

With that Pineapples in Paradise was born out of a love for NFTs and a way to enable friends and family to join in on the journey. When you buy a PIP NFT you are part of their growing community, and portfolio. They are using the money the houses generate to give back to the community with monthly giveaways to continue building out the real world utility.


You are Chief Growth Officer. What inspired you to take this role and what are your primary goals?

It was March 4th when I received a message from the JAK Enterprise team with a business venture of turning their property business into an NFT project. I was humbled and excited to hit the ground running with the team.

Within 48 hours, we were on calls daily sorting business logic, sales, marketing strategies, and more. I love spending time networking at NFT conferences and focusing on building out our discount and partner incentive programs.

How would you describe an NFT to someone who is unfamiliar with them?

I would start with what the words Fungible and Token and what they mean, as a lot of people struggle to get past that. I’ve found that breaking down fungible as something that is interchangeable or non-unique, like a $100 bill. Where I can trade you my 100 for your’s and it’s no sweat because they are worth the same thing and interchangeable versus trading my dog for your dog, while they’re both dogs mine is special and 1 of 1.

Then the word token to break down a digital asset. From there explaining that something that is non-fungible is exclusive, 1 of 1 and the only one in existence, which is held in a digital form.


What kind of vacation perks can those who purchase your NFTs expect?

They can expect…

  • 20-30% discounts at all our portfolio properties here in FL
  • 5-10% discounts with our partnered vacation rental owners
  • Exclusive discounts to experiences, shops, and more
  • Opportunity to win monetary randomized raffles every month

See this graphic for more information:



Your website indicates that post public sale, you intend to donate to Work for Peace, a charity dedicated to helping those impacted by domestic violence. Can you tell us more about this charity and why it’s important for you to give back?

Pineapples in Paradise has many causes important to our team and wanted to select one to give back to. PIPs Chief of Growth is a Co-founder of Work For Peace, a domestic violence awareness charity founded in honor of the loss a very special woman in our team’s life.

We decided this one hit close to home with our team so felt it right to create an angel wings attribute to honor Kristie Maguire.

Anything else we should know?

We are excited to bring true value to our community. We have seen so many projects promise the moon and then run for the hills, and it is really discouraging to see. So many people have been burned, or rugged, that it is time for creators to step up and deliver something meaningful.

We truly feel that with the real world utility we are bringing, it will bring value to the NFT itself as well – so even for those that may not take advantage of the IRL perks- they can still benefit from being a member of the Pina Gang!



Learn more about Pineapples In Paradise here.
Connect with Jenna on LinkedIn here.
Follow Work For Peace on Instagram here.

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