Jesse Brock Shares Why Tampa is the Ultimate Film Destination and More

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Storyboarding, filming, editing, coordinating, hosting, planning, developing, implementing, marketing, and more.

These are a few words that describe Jesse Brock‘s role as Marketing Manager for Film Tampa Bay, a company that provides local guidance, creative ideas, and the experience to anticipate needs unique to the production industry.

No matter the project, Jesse is guided by the goal of making the Tampa Bay region a premier filming destination and in this Q&A, we learn more about Film Tampa Bay, her podcast, and more. 


How would you explain Film Tampa Bay to someone who’s unfamiliar?

Film Tampa Bay is the permitting office for all film permits on public property in Tampa and Hillsborough, but we are also the marketing arm for bringing new projects to the Tampa Bay Area. Through strategic partnerships, marketing campaigns, and touting Tampa as a go-to destination for filmmaking, we are becoming known as a hot spot to film commercials and independent feature films.

You’re the co-host of a new podcast, “Loose Framing.” What’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far about producing and marketing a podcast? 

The biggest lesson I have learned from producing and marketing a podcast is that the more prepared and relaxed you are, the better the product. The entire concept of “Loose Framing” was to create a way to have more in-depth conversations with our spotlight guests each month. The podcast allows that untucked perspective from Tampa crew members, giving our audience better insight into what it’s like to work in the film industry.  

What’s your favorite aspect of your job?

My favorite aspect of my job is definitely the people I meet. Networking and events, along with social media, make up a majority of what I do. Building relationships with filmmakers and discovering the diverse community that supports local film is an extremely rewarding experience.

What do you like most about living and working in Tampa?

Tampa is unlike other cities in that people really strive to work together across all industries. I have friends with different career paths, and they all claim that the opportunity for growth here outshines competitive markets. I was born and raised in Tampa, so to be able to have such a fulfilling career in the city I put my roots down in is an incredible personal success.

What’s your elevator pitch to someone considering Tampa as a film location?

Tampa Bay can look like anywhere in the world. We have diverse locations, a hands-on film office, a wealth of experience from our local crew, as well as the opportunity for local incentives on qualified productions. You can truly make your vision come to life in Tampa Bay.

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