Kristopher Takach: Leading By Example and Going the Extra Mile

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Kristopher Takach is the Membership & Marketing Director at the University Club of Tampa, the home to Tampa’s business leaders.

The Club is located in the heart of downtown and since 1946, it’s been acknowledged as one of the preeminent business and social dining facilities in Tampa.  

With fine dining options, impeccable service, unmatched ambiance, and countless Membership Categories, its Kristopher’s job as the Membership & Marketing Director to highlight the University Club of Tampa’s allure and encourage Tampa’s business professionals to join. 

Kristopher’s experience, “can-do” attitude, and passion made him a perfect person to interview. 

Enjoy his Q & A. 

As someone who’s new to the Membership & Marketing Director role, what are you most excited about being in this position?

I love meeting and interacting with people! What excites me the most about this particular position is having the opportunity to continue to meet NEW people in an effort to grow and build both my professional and personal network here in Tampa! I enjoy and take a great deal of pride in connecting like-minded individuals together. It’s rewarding for me to connect people with one another and then watch relationships develop over time. I’ve personally embraced the opportunity to meet as many new people as I can on a daily basis. In turn, I have been able to develop countless friendships with professionals from many different industries that will last a lifetime!

What amenities, features, etc. do you think people would find appealing about the University Club of Tampa?

Our Board of Directors and Members! Hands down, no questions asked. I’ve been fortunate enough to have opportunities to visit a number of private Clubs throughout my life. Both Country/Golf as well as Business/Social. I have NEVER been to or have seen a Club with more engaged Members. It’s truly remarkable to witness. So much so that I cannot wait to get to the Club every day! They honestly make my job much easier than it should be! Members want to be here. They are proud to be here. They appreciate the 75 years of tradition and rich history of leaders and decision-makers that have roamed these halls, still to this day since 1946! In my personal opinion, a Club is only as good as the Members who make it. And we have some of the best!

What’s the biggest business lesson you’ve learned so far in your career?

I’ve learned a lot of lessons in my life. Most of them like many of us, the hard way. However, when it relates to business… Karma. Whether we want to admit it or not. All of us are selling something. In sales, most people think it’s who you know when in reality, it’s who knows you. I only say that because you never know who you are talking to today or how you treat somebody today will come back around later down the road. Remember that old saying “You attract more bees with honey than you do vinegar”. I’ve always tried to abide by that. I truly believe that treating everybody consistently well all the time, over time, will eventually serve you well in the long haul. The fact is, it costs us nothing to be nice to one another. Things have a strange way of coming back around when you least expect it!

What advice would you give to someone who’s starting out in the hospitality industry?

Go above and beyond! Please! Service is something that is in such dire need, especially right now! You’d be surprised that it is often the little things that make the biggest difference when it comes to hospitality. Going the extra mile does not go unnoticed and oftentimes it doesn’t take much time and or effort. Always remember that a little thought goes a very long way!

Also, I cannot overemphasize enough the value of teamwork. Hospitality is truly a team effort, ranging from the front of the house to the back. The most successful teams understand how to effectively communicate and plan while having the ability to adapt and adjust the plan on the go as need be. Great teamwork requires trust, accountability, and Leadership. The best teams I have ever been on, the “Boss” or “Leader” led by example, which built trust within the team. In turn, holding everyone accountable.

What do you love most about Tampa?

Growing up in Cleveland, I’d be lying if I didn’t say the weather and year-round golf is what originally drew me to Tampa! However, the people and energy surrounding the city are what’s keeping me here! Tampa honestly has the best of both worlds with an on-the-rise City that is booming associated with a beach destination. Add in my mother retiring in Pinellas county has also given me a little more incentive to stick around! I am thrilled to call Tampa my home, and I intend to keep it that way for the foreseeable future!

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