Steph Tulley on Reimagining Fear of the Unknown into Vision

Steph Tulley, Founder and CEO of Actuology

Steph Tulley is the CEO and Founder of Actuology. This insurtech company provides AI-powered SaaS designed to improve the efficiency of the insurance industry. 

As the leader of this innovative company, Steph is driven by creative design and passionate product leadership to propel sustainability and success through:

  • Economic strategy
  • Dynamic consumer knowledge
  • Deep industry insight

Steph’s commitment to developing high-paced technology to augment human interaction, and future-proof the success of the insurance industry made her a perfect person to interview.

Enjoy her Q&A!

How would you describe Actuology to someone who’s unfamiliar?

Actuology is an interactive insurance experience. You select your insurance needs and we take care of the rest. Actuology makes understanding insurance simple and straight to the point.

What inspired you to start your own company?

Actuology was created out of necessity, but driven by passion. I am grateful for my experience in the insurance industry. Almost a decade of learning and adapting led me in the direction of starting Actuology. I saw an opportunity to give back to my industry and I am running with it.

Where do you see Actuology going in the next five years?

I see Actuology leveraging the Tampa Bay insurtech community. We want to not only help the consumer but also our community.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned so far as an entrepreneur?

Re-imagining fear of the unknown into vision. This is a powerful tool. Being a start-up entrepreneur can be a daunting task. Think of it like walking through a cave, it’s very hard to do without a flashlight. Let vision be your light.

What do you love about owning a business in Tampa?

The Tampa Bay tech community is thriving. A thriving ecosystem allows for things to flourish and grow. The Tampa Bay community is eager: our city comes with expansive macro development and amazing growth potential even on a smaller scale.

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