Yoly Pierson: The Importance of Perseverance & Dedication in Real Estate

Headshot of Yoly Pierson, CEO of Pierson Property Group in Tampa.

Yoly Pierson is the CEO of Pierson Property Group.

This full-service real estate brokerage and marketing company specializes in commercial real estate, investment, residential real estate, property management, relocation, and multi-family development sales and marketing. 

But, before starting Pierson Property Group, Yoly worked in consumer products and medical sales at Fortune 500 companies. 

Though successful, Yoly knew there was more for her to accomplish and create.

This burning desire and confidence to bet on herself as an entrepreneur opened her eyes to opportunity. And from that spark, Pierson Property Group was born. 

Enjoy our Q&A with Yoly Pierson!

What inspired you to create Pierson Property Group? 

Pierson Property Group was founded on the fundamental values of people, passion, and grit. 

Our background in consumer and medical sales inspired us to continue to work hard, however, we knew there was more for us to accomplish.

That’s when we paired our entrepreneurial spirits with our passion for real estate to build something we loved from the ground up. 

Real estate is personal and we understand that buying or selling any type of property is perhaps one of the biggest decisions people make.

That’s why our goal is to help others navigate this challenging, yet rewarding process.

Did you always know you’d be an entrepreneur? Were there any signs from your childhood or early career that pointed to you owning your own business in the future?

We can confidently state that entrepreneurship is at our core. Doug and I both began to work when we were just 15 years old. 

Young and ambitious, we started our own, all-natural, pet shampoo business back in the early 2000s. 

Additionally, we established a marketing and promotional products company. Bringing value to others is something we have come to love.

What better way to do that, than by providing our own personal brand founded on our love for connecting with others? 

If you could give one piece of advice to up-and-coming real estate agents, what would it be? 

Never stop being curious and find a mentor! 

If you jumped into the real estate industry because you thought it was easy then it is most likely not the industry for you. 

The rise of social media has made the real estate industry look easy and glamorous.

In fact, it’s neither of those! 

To build a successful career for yourself and a strong network of clients who can rely on you, and your skills, it takes perseverance and dedication. Both of these things have made us love providing value to our clients as experts regarding all things real estate. 

How is Pierson Property Group different from other real estate agencies in Tampa?

For starters, we’re not a franchise or 500-person business. Because of that, when you work with Pierson Property Group, you get to work one on one with a real Tampa Bay local (I’m a Tampa Bay native!).

To that point, in a real estate hot spot like Florida, you need an expert to guide you.

We understand that stand-out qualities are ones that new buyers and sellers seek in their search for representation.

Our approach to real estate is different in that all of our clients have a team to count on when looking to buy or sell a property. 

Pierson is our family name, and our entire team and clients are our family. 

What’s your best advice for buying and selling in Tampa, especially now given the current state of the market? 

The best advice for navigating buying and selling in Tampa Bay is to find a real estate professional that you can trust to help you achieve your goal. 

No matter the task, whether it’s locating your dream home, buying an investment property, or listing your home, it takes a true real estate professional and an experienced marketing team to assist you in your real estate desires. 

What do you love most about living in and owning a business in Tampa? 

Tampa Bay is absolutely BOOMING, and we love it! As Tampa Bay natives ourselves, we have watched the area grow and develop right before our eyes. 

Recent developments like Water Street, Midtown, Marina Pointe, and Gas Worx are revolutionizing the location and it is definitely not the same Tampa from the 1990s. 

This expansion has proved yet again that Tampa Bay is home to constant opportunities that create the perfect mix of community, growth, and a superb way of life. 

As a matter of fact, Tampa Bay is one of the top 20 markets for start-up activity; another great reason to relocate to this area!

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