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Making Moves: Katie DiDio

Katie DiDio is a Pinellas-based Learning Solutions Consultant. In her free time, she enjoys traveling across the United States to visit our nation’s historical sites and state and national parks. She loves the learning industry because it satiates her curiosity of the unknown – enabling opportunities to learn about diverse industries and topics to which she’d otherwise not be exposed.

New Company & Job Title: Katydid Learning – Founder and CEO

New Company’s Website: Katydid Learning

What are you most excited about in your new role?

I am a problem solver and excited to help organizations with their learning opportunities and provide appropriate solutions to meet their needs. 

Additionally, I started my career as a teacher, and I look forward to assisting teachers who are interested in transitioning into the instructional design field as well as helping teachers who want to grow in instructional design and technology skills to create unique, engaging activities for their in-person and virtual classrooms.

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