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Picture of a dental office for a Business in Tampa article about John Martin, a combat veteran who had Bruxism.

John Martin was a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army and has over 30 years of military experience.

During his time in the military, he was a paratrooper and a senior acquisitions specialist in support of the U.S. Special Operations Command and the Defense Health Agency. 

Now retired, as a combat veteran, John has something beyond his experience in common with the military population. 

He has Bruxism, a medical term for grinding or clenching teeth. And, according to research done by the Department of Veterans Affairs, this condition affects more than half of currently active-duty and retired personnel.

Bruxism was not only affecting John’s dental health but his quality of life.

That’s when he decided to ask for help and turned to his cousin and one of Tampa’s top reconstructive dentists, Dr. Marnie C. Bauer D.M.D to fix the problem.

After a months-long process of reconstructing, strengthening, and rebuilding, Dr. Bauer was able to successfully restore John’s smile that was slowly taken away from the years of suffering from Bruxism.

Although the transformation took time, John said the experience was comfortable, and enjoyed the special touches such as aromatherapy that created a relaxing environment.

Dr. Marnie Bauer is a South Tampa General and Cosmetic Dentist. Her practice, Bauer Dentistry is Tampa’s premier provider for full mouth rehabilitation, smile makeover, restorative dental services, and much more. 

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