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The Candle Pour Announces Expansion in Hyde Park, St. Pete

The Candle Pour

Your favorite interactive “Pour-Your-Own” candle experience is relocating. Don’t fret yourself now — The Candle Pour’s new digs in West Snow Circle will be just steps from the smaller location you knew and loved.

“We are excited to be relocating and expanding The Candle Pour in Hyde Park Village,” co-founder/co-owner Misty Akers told Business in Tampa. “Our decision to move was based on the demand and feedback from our amazing customers over the past two years.” An early fall re-opening is in the works.

Not only will the ample space accommodate more people, but there will also be a private events room that Akers said will offer a more intimate experience for group events.

Have a hankering to create a custom candle before The Candle Pour re-opens this fall? Armature Works, Show + Tell space is hosting TCP for a limited time.  

Reserve your custom candle experience at Armature Works.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

But wait, there’s more! When The Candle Pour does things, it does them up BIG! Akers and her husband/sidekick Dennis recently revealed they’re opening a second location. “We are thrilled to announce that we are going to open our second location on Central Avenue in the St. Pete EDGE District,” Misty wrote in a Facebook post.

The downtown St. Pete location will open in early 2022.

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Business Spotlight: The Candle Pour

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