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Chop Chop Shop to Chanko: Chef Steve Sera’s New Venture

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4603 N Florida Ave. was the home of the Chop Chop Shop for a number of years. During that time, the popular Asian fusion restaurant captured the hearts and filled the tummies of those in and around the Seminole Heights area. 

But, when it abruptly closed, people were left dismayed and hungry. 

However, much like Clark Kent’s telephone booth wardrobe change into Superman, the Chop Chop Shop’s doors quickly closed so Chanko’s doors could open. 

So, why the change?

In a Creative Loafing Tampa Bay article, Chef Steve Sera explained, “It’s gotten harder post-Covid to even find people who want to work the front of house, and as an employer I don’t really want to require a position that makes someone susceptible to beratement like that…”

Chanko offers a fast-casual dining experience that includes self-service kiosks in addition to a pick-up counter. 

And the name?

“Chanko” is a Japanese word that translates to “parents to children” and commonly describes the food that sumo wrestlers make and enjoy together. 

Just like a sumo wrestler’s appetite, Sera has big dreams to create a restaurant where people come together and enjoy Asian-inspired cuisine. 

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