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Epicurean Hotel Plans for a $21 Million Expansion Project

epicurean hotel lobby

Hyde Park’s Epicurean Hotel, located across the street from Bern’s Steak House, is slated for a $21 million expansion project. The 137-room hotel is gearing up for 51 new guest rooms and suites, a private lobby, meeting space and rooftop terrace. In addition, the hotel will incorporate two restored historic apartment buildings and two new floors of parking spaces into the renovation. All updates are set to be completed by summer of 2023. 

“Together, Bern’s Steak House, Haven and Epicurean Hotel have turned South Howard into a true culinary destination, and this new addition will elevate our streetscape to match it,” said Joe Collier, President and Founder, Mainsail Lodging & Development in a press release. “As a market leader in Tampa, demand for our rooms has consistently outstripped our supply, particularly for suite accommodations. This expansion will add another 11 high-demand suites to our inventory.”

Collier also said that the overall look and feel of the new spaces will be consistent with the main hotel, but it gives the Epicurean more room for expression of “innovation and refinement.” To stay up-to-date on the expansion, visit the hotel’s website.

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