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FRESHForce Creates Opportunity on Wheels with Training Program

FRESHforce logo. Feeding Tampa Bay training program.

According to the American Trucking Association, the 2021 truck driver shortage reached a historic demand of 80,000 drivers.

These opportunities aligned with Feeding Tampa Bay’s FRESHforce program that provides development and on-the-job training to individuals with barriers to employment.

In 2019, Feeding Tampa Bay created the FRESHforce truck driver training program. This 8-week training program educates students on a number of lessons including but not limited to:

– Delivering and receiving orders

– Loading and unloading orders with pallet jacks

– Trip reporting

– Vehicle inspection

– Operating procedures for Class B (box truck) driving

– Federal motor vehicle safety regulations

– Cargo handling

Students receive 320 hours of instruction (52 hours in the classroom and 268 hours of hands-on training and a stipend of $12 an hour (eight hours per day).

Participants who complete the program receive at least two certifications and a Class B license. FRESHforce has a 90 percent graduation rate.

Matt Spence, the Chief Programs Officer at Feeding Tampa Bay was quoted in a press release saying, “One of the best things we can do for the people we serve, beyond meeting that initial need of a meal on a plate, today is helping them create economic stability by improving their jobs.”

To learn more about the FRESHforce programs, click here. Be sure to Like Feeding Tampa Bay on Facebook to stay up-to-date with program developments and more.

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