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Historic Property in Ybor to be Transformed into Hotel and Restaurant

Historic Sanchez y Haya Hotel in Ybor City

The historic Sanchez y Haya Hotel in Ybor City will be restored into a hotel, restaurant and cigar lounge. The property, located at 1601 E. Columbus Drive, will be transformed in time for a late 2023 opening.

It’s only fitting that the team behind the project is cigar company J.C. Newman which acquired the building for $650,000 in August of 2020. According to the company’s Grand Counsel Drew Newman, the hotel will complement their El Reloj cigar factory, located across the street from their latest project.

When asked why a hotel, the family-owned company shared that they’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of visitors they’ve hosted at El Reloj since its opening. The thought of a hotel came about simply with the desire to provide their visitors with more amenities in Ybor.

Follow J.C. Newman Cigar Company on Instagram for updates about their restoration of the Sanchez y Haya Hotel.


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