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Ravkoo Health App Launched, Meeting Accessibility in Healthcare

Ravkoo Health, a leading-edge technology company focused on digital health, announced that their Ravkoo Health App has been officially launched!

This new technology offers consumers a new way to access and afford healthcare through the digital health marketplace while offering registered users control over their healthcare data. Giving them the opportunity to create their own personal circle of health.

The Ravkoo Health App comprises four distinct modules:

  1. Ravkoo MD for telemedicine services
  2. Ravkoo Lifestyle for online mental health and nutritional support
  3. Ravkoo RX for prescription delivery
  4. Ravkoo Lab for at-home test kits

Alpesh Patel, the Founder, and CEO of Ravkoo Health says, “all the data a registered user needs is right there, right on their smartphones. It is like having a personalized health ecosystem right in your pocket and always at your fingertips.” Patel has a passion for technology, and its ability to bring accessibility of healthcare to all American’s phones. Patel also states that the key breakthrough is that all four health modules are accessible from a single touchpoint within this app rather than having your information scattered across the internet.

The Ravkoo Health app has been launched, and is now available for free download for iOS and Android devices!

About Ravkoo Health

Ravkoo Health harnesses the power of technology and gives people control of their health information on a secure platform. Online members of the app will have access to and store health data, choose and consult professionals, make prescription arrangements, order at-home lab kits, receive lab results over the phone, confer with weight loss, nutrition, wellness coaches, and more.

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