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Tampa Courthouse Dog Retires After An Inspiring Career

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Tibet, Tampa and Florida’s first courthouse facility dog has officially retired. For the last 8 years, the lab and her handler, Brenda Kocher, have been providing comfort to many Guardian ad Litem foster kids as they go through tough situations. Most of Tibet’s time on the job was spent receiving cuddles from the children.

In partnership with Voices for Children of Tampa Bay (VFC), The Courthouse Facility Dog program ensures a trained pup is present as a child provides a courtroom testimony.

Tibet made national news and grew her fan base several years ago when she was recognized in a documentary titled, “Tibet: A Dogumentary.” Over the years, Brenda and Tibet have received several awards for their work including 2018 FVMA Pet Hall of Fame Pet Hero Award, and the 2016 International Courthouse Dogs Foundation “Doggedness” award and 2014 Statewide Guardian ad Litem of the Year.

On February 17, Tibet and Kocher will be honored for their commitment to the programs and to recognize Tibet’s incredible work.

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