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Tampa Entrepreneur Pays it Forward and Buys Gas for Locals 

vick tipnes

Local entrepreneur, Vick Tipnes, is spreading generosity in Tampa Bay by paying for locals’ gas. One act of kindness was captured on camera and shared on Tik Tok which he accompanied with the caption: “with everything going on with gas prices, I just wanted to do something different and pay for this man’s gas.” To Vick’s surprise, the man in this particular video paid it forward and gave the money to a homeless person that was passing by the gas station. 

After going viral on Tik Tok, many others have been inspired to do the same in their cities. Vick’s videos are flooded with comments from people expressing intention to do the same act of kindness in their cities. 

Vick Tipnes is the owner of Blackstone Medical Services and the author of “Did You Sell Your Soul? It’s Never Too Late to Change Your Story.” In his book, he gives readers the tools to overcome obstacles, remain focused and achieve goals in life.

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