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Tampa Restaurants to Receive Coveted Michelin Stars

Michelin Guide 2022

Restaurants in Tampa Bay will soon be eligible to receive Michelin Stars, one of the most prestigious restaurant rating systems in the world. This is massive news for the Bay Area as this is the first time that restaurants in Florida will be eligible for the honor. Miami and Orlando have also been added to the list as recognized cities by Michelin.

The Michelin Guide, which is released every year, includes a list of newly rated restaurants, ranging from one to three stars. The “stars” represent different levels of enjoyment by the Guide evaluators: 

One Star: The restaurant has high quality food that is worth stopping in for on your way to another destination.

Two Stars: The food is delicious and even worth going out of your way to enjoy. 

Three Stars: The dining experience is unmatched and is worth taking a one-off trip just to enjoy for yourself.

You may be asking though: Who has the honor of rating restaurants for the yearly guide? 

The evaluators are called “Inspectors.” These Inspectors are food experts and Michelin employees who visit a restaurant several times before determining their grade.

After being established in France in 1900, it wasn’t until 2005 that Michelin made their ratings available to restaurants in the United States. Now, the Michelin Guide recognizes establishments in over 28 countries and a number of cities across the world with Tampa, Orlando and Miami as a few of their latest editions. 

What Tampa Bay restaurants do you expect to be recognized in 2022?


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