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Tracey Serebin Launches Lifestyle Brand, Elegant Living Tampa Bay

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Tracey Serebin, a successful Tampa Bay businesswoman recently launch Elegant Living Tampa Bay. This lifestyle brand caters to affluent women and high-end brands.

The brand’s mission is to discover elegant living in the Tampa Bay region through wine, travel, adventure, luxury real estate, and wealth.

As Serebin said in a recent press release, “Men have always traveled for golf outings, fishing trips, and hunting excursions to bond and share ideas…”

Her goal with this lifestyle brand is to provide similar experiences for women that are unique to their tastes and interests.

As a former DuPont Registry executive, she’ll use her experience to capitalize on a niche market and shine a spotlight on the luxuries in our area.

Serebin and her team are on a mission to encourage affluent women to step into their power one article, experience, and event at a time. 

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