Josh Bayless Blends Car Culture and Gym Life to Create FNDR Apparel

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Josh Bayless is the founder of FNDR Apparel, a premium athletic wear company that’s based in Tampa Bay. 

Josh grew up in Oldsmar and graduated from East Lake High School. 

As a person that’s been infatuated with cars his entire life, Josh decided to try his hand at engineering school.

But, by deploying self-awareness, he knew it wasn’t the right fit. He then switched his focus to marketing at the MUMA College of Business at USF. It was during this time he discovered the gym and quickly became obsessed with the pursuit of the perfect physique. 

After graduation, Josh went on to sell cars which ultimately funded his new project, FNDR. 

Josh exudes an entrepreneurial spirit and we were excited to get to know him and his brand better. 

Enjoy our Q&A with Josh Bayless!

What inspired you to start FNDR Apparel?

FNDR had a couple of different inspirations behind it. The biggest one was personal as it had long been a goal of mine to start my own company. I discovered a large motivation to create massive action through Andy Frisella and completed his program 75Hard before starting the brand. 

I wanted to use that drive to inspire others to do the same through the brand. It’s because of this that FNDR‘s primary purpose is to encourage others to chase down their own goals, whether physical, monetary, in relationships or anything else.  

How is FNDR Apparel different from other athletic wear brands on the market?

I wanted to position the brand to inspire both gym-goers and car enthusiasts like myself as both are aspiring to reach goals beyond their current position. 

FNDR designs are heavily influenced by car culture, bringing the luxury feel of Porsche and Audi to the gym.

FNDR’s crest logo, for example, is heavily inspired by Porsche’s crest, and the name itself (pronounced FENDER) relates to a car’s wheel wells.  

Because of this high-status branding, the products also need to be of higher quality but not break the bank, and so the materials we use to match that quality status but undercut the pricing of similar quality items on the market.  

FNDR Apparel_1FNDR Apparel_2

What is your long-term vision/goals for the brand?

What I ultimately want FDNR to become is a community of driven individuals who continuously strive to accomplish their goals and help each other out. I want FNDR to become a household name in the fitness apparel space.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned so far as an entrepreneur?

I’d say that, at the end of the day, you have to be able to rely on yourself before anyone else. There will be times that you don’t want to do something and you’ll keep putting it off, or maybe even hand it off to someone else to do, but how do you know they’re going to complete it? You have to have full confidence in yourself that you’re going to do what you say you’re going to, and you’ll do whatever it is at 110%. It’s really just the same as training hard in the gym.

What do you love most about Tampa?

The food is obviously fantastic here! 

But, I think the community we have here in Tampa is unmatched. Having grown up here, I know that most people love to be plugged into different events going on in the area and love helping wherever they can. People are always looking for new opportunities to connect and I absolutely love it!  

Plus, having Tom Brady on the Bucs certainly doesn’t hurt!

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