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BayCare Health System Partners with Feeding Tampa Bay on New Facility

baycare health and feeding tampa bay facility

Last week, BayCare Health System launched a new partnership with Feeding Tampa Bay. Guests, staff and volunteers of the non-profit now have access to their own BayCare Health Education Center, a first of its kind facility. 

The center, located within Feeding Tampa Bay’s warehouse, is a reflection to BayCare’s commitment to addressing the health of our community, as a whole. There will be several resources available to visitors including educational materials, a Higi station where guests can self-monitor their general health and a private area for medical consultations. BayCare and Feeding Tampa Bay also plan to collaborate on hosting wellness events. 

“This new facility is an investment in our community’s long-term health, starting with nutrition which is essential for overall wellness. We all know food equals health and this effort is a huge step forward for our community,” said Thomas Mantz, President and CEO of Feeding Tampa Bay.

Stay up-to-date on BayCare’s efforts to bring awareness to healthy living in our Tampa community.

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