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Surf’s Up! Tubular 30-Acre Surf Park Headed to Tampa Bay

Plans for Peak Surf Park, an expansive 30-acre surf/adventure park, complete with a half-mile beach, are underway for the Tampa Bay region.

Surfing is only one of the many components of Peak Surf Park (but Peak Surf Skate Bike Yoga Park just doesn’t roll off the tongue). Indeed, the venue will offer something for everyone — from social gathering spaces, skate/bike/climb areas, yoga and fitness, kids camps and daycare and more. A half-mile beachfront with lounge chairs and cabanas will surround the surf lagoon. Plans also call for bars and restaurants, retail, hotels and a stage for live events and concerts.

The visionary behind the $70 million concept is former ad man Tony Miller who’s dreamed of having perfect surf on the daily since he took up the sport after moving to Tampa in 1982. “That’s what a surf park can provide,” Miller told Business in Tampa. “Perfect surf, on-demand, at your particular skill level. The technology has finally caught up with the dream, and I feel very fortunate to have an opportunity to pursue it here in my hometown.”

Miller, former CEO and partner at Spark advertising agency, is channeling his decades of marketing experience to help get Peak Surf Park off the ground. “The time I spent in the marketing world has great influence over the vision for this park,” he said. “Of course, I’m confident in how we will market the park, but that’s not what gets me fired up. I want to create amazing guest experiences.”

Most of all, Miller is stoked about bringing Peak to Tampa Bay. “I think Florida, and the Tampa Bay market, in particular, is one of the very best markets in the world for this type of park,” Miller said. “I’d say it ranks in the top 10 when you look at population density, tourism, weather, diversity, growth and amped surfers desperate for waves. So it is incredibly exciting to bring the Surf Lakes technology to the west coast of Florida.”

Miller and his team are currently scouring the Tampa Bay region for the choice spot for Peak Surf Park to call home.

Stay tuned to Business in Tampa for updates.

  • Site plan [Peak Surf Park/Behar Peteranecz Architects]

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