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What is Business In Tampa?

Hello, everyone!

This is Jake Kurtz (the guy above) typing this. I wanted to personally thank you for being one of the first Business In Tampa website visitors. We’ve been working hard on this publication behind the scenes for months now, and it’s exciting to finally have you here.

As most of you know, incredible things are happening in Tampa’s business community. We exist to shine a spotlight on the companies and people who make up the thriving, diverse, beautiful place that is Tampa Bay. 

Business In Tampa (BIT) is an online magazine that shines a light on Tampa business. We provide everything from quick “bits” of news and insight, to in-depth interviews and spotlights. We also feature individuals who are elevating their careers right here in Tampa.

We have no print magazine or newspaper. We are digital and social media first in terms of distribution. To consume Business In Tampa regularly, the best ways are to follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and subscribe to our email newsletter at the bottom of the website.

On Business In Tampa, you will notice a few different key sections:

Interviews: Here, we will put a spotlight on businesses, business leaders, and people doing awesome things in the local business community. We want to shine a light on the companies and individuals who make up this great city. If you know a business or individual we should interview, fill out the form here, or send an email to hello@businessintampa.com and allison@businessintampa.com via email and we will begin doing our homework!

News: We will be posting any interesting and relevant local business news, press releases, or company updates. Things like: companies opening up new locations, companies coming to Tampa, expansions, mergers and acquisitions, new development, and much more. This won’t be just “any” news – no politics, crimes, breaking news, weather or sports. We’re not competing with local news outlets. It will be business focused news that we feel will bring value to our readers. To submit news or a press release, use this form.

Insight: This is a section where local professionals will be able to share their expertise with a quick, focused topic. These posts are not going to be long and in-depth, but they will tackle important business topics and be answered by local experts. Consider it a local, expert Q&A that is always being refreshed with new topics and new content.

Making Moves: This section celebrates the career advancement of local individuals. If a person in Tampa Bay gets a promotion, moves to a new role, or launches a business – they are eligible to be featured in this section. There is a convenient link here to submit your feature. FYI: We’re also looking for a Sponsor on the “Making Moves” section. An HR company, staffing company, university, or any other brand in the local Tampa area that helps people advance in their careers… this could be perfectly aligned with you!

About The Company:

Business In Tampa is owned and operated by Brick Media Group LLC, the company behind local marketing agency, Brick Media. Brick Media helps dozens of local businesses navigate the digital space with thoughtful social media marketing and web design. Tap here to book a call with the Brick team and discuss your digital and social media needs.

Business In Tampa is also closely affiliated with When In Tampa, a social media brand with over 65,000 followers that covers places to eat, drink, and explore Tampa. You can email whenintampabay@gmail.com to discuss promoting your restaurant, event, or activity on their account.

Connecting With Us

Here are a few key ways to get in touch. We’d love for you to stay in touch with us on social media, contribute content to our platform, or inquire about a partnership.

Again, we appreciate you being here for the start of this journey. Cheers!

Jake Kurtz

CEO & Founder of Business In Tampa

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